Wednesday, September 12, 2007 I learn something new every day.

Please take the time to digg this article

Ok so I've had an update from Zalmai in Afghanistan. Another screeen dump below.

Just a basic google search for osama brings up the image used.
This time we see the words "Ther is mor to cum amerika" - This makes me think it might be a copy cat.
I've emailed google but haven't had a response.

Update from google Australia. Also hacked.

I've just been contacted by Tom in Australia who said he also noticed the logo and captured this screenshot.

Andrew from California observantly pointed out that the "tm" sign has been changed to 9/11 - Thanks for pointing that out.

Does anybody have any more information on this?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 9-11 google hack!

You have got to be joking. What sick person would do this?

I was up late, 2:16am to be exact, and was about to do a little google search for quilting patterns when I noticed the most shocking thing I've seen on the internet in a while! Google sometimes displays special icons on special days, like christmas and easter. Today, the Google logo tastelessly dipicted the twin tower tragedy.
Heres a screenshot for you.

As you can see in the image above - the o's were replace with towers, one with an explosing in the side, the other belching smoke. And a plane flys above the second g.
The tasteless graphic seemed to be around for about 3 mins.